COVID-19: Effects on the Media Industry & Video Production (And remote post-production)


COVID-19: Effects on the Media Industry & Video Production (And remote post-production)

The global coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. The lives lost and economic fallout alone represent an unprecedented tragedy that will leave the globe reeling for years. So much will never be the same. And within this broader crisis, each sector of the economy and countless workers are facing their own individual catastrophes. Many organizations will not survive the downturn, and the entertainment world has not been spared. Several marquee film productions have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other movies scheduled for the big screen moved to digital release. And many television shows have been pushed back. With cinemas closed, there is nowhere to screen movies. With travel and lockdown restrictions, there is no way to film. And with only essential employees allowed into offices, film production work has been put on hold. Even an institution as big as Hollywood has been brought to its knees.    
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We all know that communication is important. And you can make it super easy with commenting or similar capabilities created directly into your workflow platform. This will allow your team members to participate in a particular task to clear doubts, ask questions, provide updates, and offer insights. Other interfaces such as Slack or Zoom can also be extremely helpful when you want to organize and prioritize communication in the world where emails are no longer enough.  
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Is Remote Production Future of this Industry?

Like other industries, more and more people are now telecommuting. Remote technologies like Zoom call, Google meet, etc. allow for easy on-air collaboration. However, this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. While some of the best practices are already developed, many are under the pipeline. But some of these existing technologies for video production can greatly help your team work together and better remotely.  

Creating Video Productions from Anywhere

The small screen has also been hard hit. The Walking Dead was enjoying something of a comeback tenth season. Then the pandemic hit, and the crew was unable to complete remote post-production on the finale. Now, the last episode remains in limbo, leaving us with one of the most unexpected cliffhangers in TV history.